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2 easy ways for maintenance mode & coming soon page in WordPress

Often when you are working on your page you need to disable it for some time. However you also want your users to see some information what is going…

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Speed of Kinsta hosting - artist vision

Our story with Kinsta hosting – support and speed

Well, you want some true story, right? So this will be one about Kinsta hosting, guys that do managed WordPress hosting, and our over 3 years of experience with them.

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ThemeForest review – code rejection absurdity examples

This article is follow up to our original post about problems with ThemeForest review. Here we will present some examples of absurdities in theme rejections reasons. List will be updated as life goes, so if you have anything to add, our comment section is open.

Lets dive in!

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ThemeForest Review – WTFs & absurdities

I remember when Orman Clark achieved one million dollars in sales on ThemeForest and Envato made interview with him. It was short and fun article about him, however there was one shocking point for me: his work was never rejected by reviewer! I was like: how this is even possible? How someone can pass every ThemeForest review?

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Photo proofing – what it is and how it can help your clients?

Photo Proofing is process that allows clients to choose images/videos, before Photographer will make any work on them. This means that after photo session is done, you can just dump all images online, and let your client choose what you should work on.

This is the idea, a great one, as it removes lot of guessing, and wasted effort from your shoulders. What is more, client also feels more helpful(even if he knows nothing about photography art). Besides that there is more contact points, thanks to that client can feel progress of work.

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How to make website with WordPress

One main issue we have as theme authors, is that we have to aim our products(WordPress themes) to people who already know what is server, hosting, where to register domain and how to use WordPress.

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Move to new theme by Apollo13 Themes

If you are user of one of our older themes:

  • Spaceship
  • Hypershot
  • Beach Please
  • Superior
  • Fame
  • Adamant
  • Blame
  • Chillout

then we want to inform you that these themes are no longer supported, and may not receive any more updates.

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How to download old version of WordPress plugin

Often there is need to return to previous version of plugin or theme, when with new update something breaks. Latest version of WooCommerce plugin 3.0.0 is best example.

Hundreds of people left 1 stars reviews to WooCommerce plugin, cause update made their shop somehow nonfunctional. In that case best way, before next updates will fix bugs, is to switch back to old version that worked well. But how to download old version of WordPress plugin?

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Rife Theme Premiere – lets start free!

After long development process we decided to release our first theme that is not connected to any marketplace. What is more we decide to at first release it for free!
Enter Rife theme.

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Speed up your code work – WordPress Code Generators

I consider myself pretty experienced WordPress engineer, yet when I found these WordPress Code Generators, I found out there many things that will ease my work in future. I am really amazed by how much work people at Nimbus have done, to make these generators as easy to use as possible. Each one has very detailed description that explains how to use it, when you should use itand teach you little secrets 🙂

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