Who are we?

We know our clients are the key to our success. That’s why we decided to make support our strongest feature.

As Apollo13Themes, we exist and have fun since 2011.

We are located in Poland (Krosno and Kielce) in East-Central Europe.

From the start, we’ve offered support to all our clients, which was not offered with other themes. As we’ve spent so much time working with clients, we’ve implemented many of our clients’ suggestion as new features to our themes.

In 2017 we have made the transition to function more closely with the core WordPress community and prepared the Rife WP Theme which is now our main product and source of much pride.

At first, Rife was only available in the Pro version. However, we always had in mind that we wanted to give something special back to the community. Finally, in February 2018 we released Rife Free, which as the name suggests is a totally free and powerful theme. Since January 2019 it is also available on WordPress.org so that the community can use it to create great things!

We know our clients are the key to our success and that is why we decided to make support our strongest selling point. Sure, it wasn’t easy getting there, and we made mistakes, had to drop things that didn’t work out, but that is part of the process of learning and development.

We never stop learning, and we hope to improve our product even further, thanks to your support and suggestions!

Air. the lead Developer at Apollo13 Themes

Air. - Programmer

The lead programmer in Apollo13Themes,  often seen on Apollo13 support helping Apollo13 clients. Mostly front-end developer, but he also likes to dig back-end stuff. He also loves optimization and making things run as smoothly as possible – and working hard on making themes fast and reliable in an ever-changing WordPress environment.

Air. has been with Apollo13 almost from the beginning. He used to be an UT 99 & UT 4 player (Unreal Tournament, game of the year in 1999), which is also where he took the name Air.

Living with Alice (the woman) & Ali (the dog). Rife Theme FTW!

Daniel the CEO of Apollo13 Themes

Daniel - Designer

Graphic designer and also the founder of Apollo13Themes. He’s responsible for the aesthetics for our themes. He likes clean and useful design, where the content can breathe.

A big fan of riding bicycles and spending time with his family (wife and two kids). He can’t accept the fact that his daughter plays chess much better than him! In his free time he likes to read good comic books and watch movies (Fight Club, Seven, Snatch, Pulp Fiction etc)

For some reason, Air’s dog keeps biting him…