We don't take ourself too serious, but one thing we think serious about are our clients.


Graphic designer and also founder of Apollo13. He is responsible for esthetics of each of our themes. He likes clean and useful design, where content can breath. Big fan of riding bicycles. For some reason Air's dog always try to bite him...


He has very nice beard! Man of many interests and skills. Have you ever made car from wood? He DOES! Surgeon is responsible for implementing various mechanics that help users work with our themes, like one click demo importer, or theme options in Customizer. He is constantly on look out for new tools that could improve workflow of Apollo13 team and our themes users.


Mostly front-end developer, but also like to dig to some back-end stuff. Often can be found on support forum easing confusion among Apollo13 clients. Only team member who still is not a father yet. He curses a lot, but no one ever notice it, strangely.

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