About Apollo13 Themes

Who We Are

As Apollo13 we exist since 2011. We started by making simple WordPress themes to sell them on ThemeForest. From start we offered support to all our clients, what back then was not so obvious thing to come with themes. As we spent more time on working with clients, we have implemented many features to our themes, that our clients suggested.

We know that our clients are the key to our success and that is why we decided to make support as our strongest value. Sure, it was not easy way to get here, and we did some mistakes, had to drop things that was not working out, but that is process of learning.

There is still a lot for us to learn and we are hoping to get even more occasions to improve our product thanks to contact with you!

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Team Members

Daniel the CEO of Apollo13 Themes


Graphic designer and also founder of Apollo13. He is responsible for esthetics of each of our themes. He likes clean and useful design, where content can breath. Big fan of riding bicycles. For some reason Air’s dog always try to bite him…

Air. the lead Developer at Apollo13 Themes


Mostly front-end developer, but also like to dig to some back-end stuff. Often can be found on support forum easing confusion among Apollo13 clients. Only team member who still is not a father yet. He curses a lot, but no one ever notice it, strangely.

Surgeon, previous contributor at Apollo13 Themes

Surgeon (Previous Contributor)

was working with us on FatMoon theme and bravely supported our clients when they were in need. For all the help, time, ideas and code we salute you!