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Personal Portfolio


For Photographer


Minimalistic for Business


Kindergarten Theme


Available for Free!


Available for Free!


Available for Free!

Dancer II

Landing Page, Dance School


Landing Page, Dance School

Chillout II

Landing Page, One-Page Design


Business Website


Personal Website


Portfolio / Photography


Photo Proofing


Business Website


Business Website


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Portfolio / Photography


Business Website
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How Rife Designs work?

Install Rife Theme

Import Design

Customize website

What is Design in Rife Theme?

The Design(demo) is the composition of Rife theme features in various configuration & content.
Content in Design is created either with theme features and with a free version of Elementor Page builder.
It means free version of Elementor will be installed with Design so you can edit content with ease.

With Design, you will get a collection of pages, works and/or albums prepared by Daniel – our Design Champion 🙂
Additionally by importing Desing, Rife Theme will have its options set in the same way as a demo of Design, however, you can switch everything you like.

Please check this video to understand the idea better.

What Design is not in Rife Theme?

The Design is NOT a separate theme.
Rife Theme is available in 2 variants: Free & Pro. Each variant has its own Designs available that you can import.
No matter which Design you want to have as the base of your site, you only need the Rife theme in a proper variant.

What do you get?

When you have an active license for Rife Pro you get unlimited access to all those and upcoming designs.

With Rife Free, you get access only to 3 Free Designs.

Thanks to them you will get started with your website in 5 minutes. New designs are coming each month, so be prepared for more ready to use examples!

Why we use designs instead of separate themes?

We think that Rife theme built-in designs give you much more power, flexibility, and speed.

Some authors sell theme bundles, where each theme is very limited in options, but have a somewhat different look. So you get 15 themes that aren’t too powerful.

The Rife theme is different, as we want to give you the power of options in one theme. These options come pre-configured in designs, so you can either use them as they are, or change whatever you like right from the theme.

Thanks to that:

  • You get the powerful theme that is very customizable,
  • you get different looks in one package,
  • you can switch looks/designs without the need to swap theme,
  • you get new designs whenever we release them – they are ready for you in designs importer.

So in other words – you get loads of different themes packed in Rife theme.

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