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Plans and Pricing

Check out our pricing plans for the Rife Pro WordPress Theme.

Rife Pro is a natural extension of our Rife Free, that gives you more features and design layouts to use.

Check Our New Full Service Plan

Full Service Monthly

all you need
$ 40

Full Service Yearly

all you need
$ 400
$ 10


No support
$ 45

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Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

All of our plans include auto-renewal (but you can cancel at any time).
Additional VAT may be added to the price depending on your location.

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Apollo13Themes don’t collect any personal data during payment.

Traits of the 'Full Service' plan

After all these years we want to give you more. 

If you like our designs and support – but you are not a tech savvy – we hear you.

Therefore we prepared a new service, a Full Service, which provides everything you need for a website: servers, technical
maintenance, themes, premium plugins, initial installation and configuration, support, and a dedicated agent at your disposal.

Here’s the list of extra traits you get:

  1. Server – we rely on WordPress hosting provided by Basically you get a premium platform to run your WordPress website.
  2. Technical maintenance – we maintain your website. We run updates, we check if updates are working good. We take care of backups, malware scan. We do what needs to be done in order to keep your website fresh, secure a safe.
  3. Elementor Pro – no need any introduction. We provide an Elementor Pro for you.
  4. Crocoblock – if Elementor Pro is not enought you can always utilize all the bells and whistles provided by Crocoblock Package.
  5. Initial installation – this is yet another pebble of our effort to make your life easier. We’ll install the demo you pick and assist you in populating it with the data and content you provide.
  6. Our Agent – a real person, not AI, that will receive your requests and handle them. 
Here’s the full description – you can read some more about what you’re actually getting from us.

Which plan should you choose?

I can hear you saying, “the cheaper one, isn’t that obvious?”

But hold on just a minute, and hear us out. You will save time and not needed frustration – who needs extra problems, right?

As you can see we offer 2 different plan types: one with support included, and one without, and they differ quite a bit in price.

Support is most expensive part of each digital product, but not everyone needs it.

We don’t want to sell you something that you don’t need, that is why we offer you a choice!

Who should choose the plan
without premium support?

  • If you are a WordPress developer and you really know your stuff.
  • If you have played with our Rife Free theme for some time, and didn’t face any bigger problems.
  • If you are hardcore Elementor user and just want more beautiful Designs to work with.
  • If you don’t need anything more then there is in Rife Free, but you would like to support us for all the hard work on it 🙂

If you fit any of above descriptions, then you probably don’t need our help, so save money and go with the plan without support!

If you get stuck you have our documentation at your disposal, that we update on a weekly basis.

You can always upgrade your plan later to one with support included. Hit us a message if that’s the case.

Who should choose the plan
with premium support included?

  • If you are new to WordPress.
  • If you have played with our Rife Free theme and feel that you could use guidance from time to time(for exmaple: switch on/off theme features).
  • If you are facing plugins conflicts.
  • If you need minor customizations outside of the theme possibilities(for exmaple: CSS tweaks).
  • If you think that having us as a backup is just a great idea.

If you fit any of above descriptions, then plan with support is for you!

Please check our reviews to see what our customers say about our support.

You can read more about how we can help you in our documentation.

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Questions about plans?

FAQ - More details

Site Licenses

Rife Pro theme is licensed under GPL. It means you can use it for commercial and personal project and edit every piece of content that comes with the Rife theme. Even the notice in the footer 😉

Auto-updates for Rife Pro, Premium support and our Design(demo) Importer are our services that we provide along for Rife Pro customers. These services are not part of GPL.

All of above means, that if you plan to use Rife Pro on more then 1 website, and use there any of mentioned services, you will need a licence for each website* or get the unlimited licence plan.

You should never share your licence key as it could be used to cancel your plan, for example. Keep it as safe as your passwords!

*localhost & development installations are not counted, so don’t worry 🙂

Invoice / VAT refund

After purchase, you will receive an e-mail from Paddle(our payments “processor”) in which you will find transaction details and link to invoice.

There you can add your address and VAT number.

VAT number can be also added while purchase by using Add VAT Number button. This way you will be charged less on purchase(if you have valid VAT-EU number).

What happens after 12 months of continuous subscription?

  • If you keep your subscription active, you get a discount of up to 40%* for renewal. So you’ll continue to receive updates to the theme to keep it current.
  • if you cancel your subscription, then you will lose access to the support forum, any theme updates and the Designs Importer. However, the theme will continue to be active with your licence code. Also, all your websites created with Rife Pro theme will work normally.

*any discount will be counted from the regular (not discounted) price from the day of your initial purchase. The percentage of the discount you receive is dependant on the plan you choose.

When the subscription expires,
I won’t be able to update the theme. So what?

This is only true if you cancel your subscription, and don’t forget, you get a discount after the first year!

Updates don’t happen by magic;  they need development time, in simple words – a lot of hard work. There’s a lot to do to make the theme continue to work with all those plugins and  WordPress version which update very frequently. What is more, we continue developing better features that will make your work easier and your website even more beautiful.

Nowadays it’s fairly standard to only get access to updates to software for a limited time, as software needs constant attention from developers to stay current.

The marketplace can catch you out. People expect that once a theme is released, it magically works forever, so they buy a theme with a one-off payment. This can often leave buyers with an unsupported (and often non-functioning) theme after just a few months, and then they have to spend more money on new themes and and redo their site all over again. This is a crappy situation we aim to avoid with the Rife WordPress Theme.


Got more questions?

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