for value of coffee & cookie

Plans and

Please check our plans for Rife Pro WordPress Theme. Depending on your needs we have something for you.

Coffee & Cookie

1 Website
$ 6
  • Pro Features
  • Pro Designs
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates

A Lot of Cookies

1 Website
$ 59
  • Pro Features
  • Pro Designs
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates

Golden Ratio

3 Websites
$ 89
  • Pro Features
  • Pro Designs
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates

To Rule them All!

Ulimited Websites
$ 129

All plans include Auto Renewal (you can cancel at anytime). Additional VAT can be added to price depending on your location.

Payments are handled & protected by Paddle.
Apollo13Themes don’t collect any data regarding payment.

Try before buying!

Grab Rife Free & see how it works for you. You can always upgrade to Rife Pro later

Questions about plans?

Not everything is clear?

In this section we want to explain various issues connected to our plans and payments. 

Site Licenses

You can use Rife Pro Theme for unlimited websites as it is licensed under GPL. However, Auto updates, Support & Designs Importer are services that need a license as it requires our resources (servers & bandwidth) to function.

So this is exactly what number of licenses refer to.

If you plan to use Rife Pro “services” on more then 1 site*, then you should choose a bigger plan.

Most important is that in the end, it is your license. You can use it for personal and commercial projects.

However, you shouldn’t share your license key as it can be used to cancel your plan for example. Keep it safe as your passwords!

*localhost installation are not counted

No refunds. Sorry 🙂

Instead of Refunds, we offer Rife Free Theme, which is very powerful alone. It is a full-blown theme, that you should use before investing in Rife Pro any money.

If you don’t like what Rife Free has to offer, then Rife Pro will not change it, unfortunately 😉

Rife Pro offers the same experience as Rife Free, but just give you MORE & better support.

So use Rife Free for as long as you want for Free. If for some reason you don’t feel like using it you don’t have to put up with any refunds.

If you feel like you want more, or want to just support Rife Theme Team then go with Rife Pro.

Paying monthly for theme - how does that work?

We understand that not everyone can pay whole sum upfront, so that is why we have added monthly option. This way you can get the theme in the price of coffee and a cookie per month. However, the Monthly plan is only limited to 1 site license*.

If you calculate, the monthly plan is only slightly more expensive then yearly (1 site plan), as we have to add fees that come with each payment. Choosing monthly plan will make you billed 12 times per year, and of course, there will be fees charged 12 times – that is why the price is higher in $ per month then if you divided yearly payment by 12 months.

It is much easier to give few bucks a month then tens at once, right?

What will happen if you cancel after few months?

In short: after you are subscribed for the theme for at least 12 months (12 x monthly) you own forever license for the Rife theme. In another case, the theme will get blocked after your last payment period will end.

If you subscribe to the yearly subscription you then own forever license for Rife Pro theme instantly. As monthly subscription is just a way to pay in parts for the theme, you need to be subscribed for at least 12 months to keep theme active forever.

This, however, creates an option to use the theme for, let’s say, 6 months, cause in some scenario this is how long you want to keep your site alive. Thanks to this you can pay way less $ in the end!

Example scenarios

  • Billed for monthly subscription firstly at 15 January 2018 and canceled a subscription at 20 February 2018 – theme will be active till 15 March 2018, so for whole 2 months of subscription.
  • Billed for monthly subscription firstly on 15 January 2018 and canceled 16 December 2018 – theme will be active forever.

*localhost installation are not counted

What will happen after 12 months of continuous subscription?

It depends:

  • if you keep your subscription active, nothing will change for you. However, if you are using yearly plan you will get 30% off* on renewal – so that is cool!
  • if you cancel a subscription, then you will lose access to support forum, theme updates and Designs that were released after your license got outdated. However, the theme will keep being active with your license code forever.

*30% will be counted from regular(not discounted) price from the day of your initial purchase.

When the subscription will be outdated, I will not be able to update the theme. Why?

Yes, this is true, but only if you cancel your subscription. However, remember you get 30% off* after the first year (in a yearly plan)!

Updates don’t happen in any magic way, they need development time, so in simple words – our work. There is a lot to do to make theme working with all those plugins and next WordPress versions. What is more important we will be creating better features that will make your work easier and website prettier.

This is standard in today software world to get access to updates for a fixed time, like with antivirus, or other software that needs constant attention from developers.

Marketplaces like Mojo or ThemeForest, have it backward. They assume, that once a theme is released it magically works forever, so you can use a theme with a one-time payment. This creates a situation were clients got stuck with not supported (and often not working) theme after few months, and they have to spend money again and rework their sites. That is a crappy situation we are avoiding with the Rife theme.

*30% will be counted from regular(not discounted) price from the day of your initial purchase.

Why we use designs instead of separate themes?

We think that Rife theme built-in designs give you much more power, flexibility and speed.

Some authors sell theme bundles, where each theme is very limited in options, but have a somewhat different look. So you get 15 themes that aren’t too powerful.

The Rife theme is different, as we want to give you the power of options in one theme. These options come pre-configured in designs, so you can either use them as they are, or change whatever you like right from the theme.

Thanks to that:

  • You get the powerful theme that is very customizable,
  • you get different looks in one package,
  • you can switch looks/designs without the need to swap theme,
  • you get new designs whenever we release them – they are ready for you in designs importer.

So in other words – you get loads of different themes packed in Rife theme.

Slider Revolution Included

Great tool for making hero presentations & it is bundled with theme. It means you don’t have to pay any $ to use it!

SEO Ready & Safe

Rife is prepared with best SEO Practices & Semantic Code. However, you still should use Yoast plugin to boost your SEO game even higher.

huge time saver out of the box

Set your website with our Design Importer.

You do not need to create your site from scratch. With ready Designs, you will import the whole site look in few minutes. You can decide what parts to import, edit what you need and you are ready.


Highlighted Features.

Rife is powerful WordPress theme with many features and various plugins support.