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Rife Elementor Extensions Plugin

Free Splendid Templates

Writing EffectYes, it's also free!

Do you need a new home page but you have no idea where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Download free and ready templates that are created for such situations. Few minutes and BOOM! 🔥 You got a new website!

What you get with this plugin?

Plugin brings new widgets to be used in Elementor and allows you to import beautiful full page templates for Elementor page builder designed by Apollo13Themes

Free Elementor Templates

We have prepared for you completely free stunning templates for Elementor that you can use on your website.


Writing Effect Widget

Offers you to create titles that are half static, and half written as user scrolls to it. You can achieve with it very interesting effects.

Plugin Future

What's next? 👋

The future is simple. We plan to add new cool free Elementor templates and widgets. Period!

How to install the plugin?

Standard instructions on how to install plugins. If you know what to do, skip this point and check “How to import Templates” below.

Available on the

You can find the Rife Elementor Extensions & Templates plugin on the official website.

How to Install Plugin?

Type “Rife elementor” in the name  of the WordPress Plugin to find the plugin.

Where is the Plugin?

You can find the plugin importer under the Elementor tab.

How to import Templates?

The process is very simple and you only need 3 steps to learn how to enjoy free templates and widgets. Have fun!

How to import the Pack?

Open the “Templates import” tab and click “Start Free Pack Import”

How to use Templates?

To use templates in the Elementor choose “Add Template” button.

How to Import Template?

Open the “My Templates” tab and import selected templates.

Do you need Free WordPress theme?

Grab Rife Free & see how it works with these beautiful free templates.