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Don’t update to WordPress 5.0

Although there were various plans to release WordPress 5.0 for whole last year, the first official release date was 19th November 2018. Thankfully it was already pushed to 27th November 2018, and many across WP community hope it will be pushed to secondary planned date in January 2019. Update: release date is set to 6th December 2018

Whenever release will happen don’t rush to update, if you really care about your site being fully available.

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SVG logo on WordPress site

Using SVG logo in your WordPress site is one of these techniques that bring only good effects as it optimizes your website on at least 2 levels:

Firstly, it will make your logo look as sharp as possible on a device it is displayed on. It means it will always look as intended. No more multi images for the logo to cover various screen DPIs.

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How to Create Beautiful Portfolio Website

In today world there are many ways and places where you can set up your website. I want to show you step by step, how to make it on your own, and make it beautiful. No matter if you have a general portfolio, you are an architect or photographer who wants to show his photo albums – we will cover those cases by creating an attractive portfolio website for you.

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Popular Basic Tricks for Elementor Plugin – Tutorials & Tips

I would like to invite you to a new collection of tutorials. This time I will focus on Basic Elementor Plugin Tricks, which becomes extremely popular and at the time of writing this article is activated on over 600,000 installations.

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web design trends 2018

Web Design Trends To Expect in 2018

Every enthusiastic web designer is keen to stay in touch with the latest web design trends to keep their creations looking fresh and modern. And, with the year 2018 approaching, it’s the best time to think about what’s “in” in the world of web design. Keep reading and discover some of the web design trends we can all expect to rise in popularity in 2018.

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7 Basic Tricks for Visual Composer Plugin – tutorials & tips

We know that many users have hard times finding various settings in WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) when they use it for the first time. This is why we wanted to show some basic changes that you can do with this page builder plugin. Hope these small Visual Composer tutorials will help you.

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2 easy ways for maintenance mode & coming soon page in WordPress

Often when you are working on your page you need to disable for visitors it for some time. However you also want your users to see some information what…

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2 Advanced Tricks for Visual Composer on rows, columns and layout

Times, when WordPress was just a blogging system, has ended. Now you can find many plugins that extend the capabilities of this platform with completely new features. One of such plugins is WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). After a long time of working with it, I want to share with you some advanced techniques.

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How to switch between designs in Rife Theme

This is quick post explaining how to safely switch designs in Rife theme without losing your content.

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Photo proofing – what it is and how it can help your clients?

Photo Proofing is process that allows clients to choose images/videos, before Photographer will make any work on them. This means that after photo session is done, you can just dump all images online, and let your client choose what you should work on.

This is the idea, a great one, as it removes lot of guessing, and wasted effort from your shoulders. What is more, client also feels more helpful(even if he knows nothing about photography art). Besides that there is more contact points, thanks to that client can feel progress of work.

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