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Often there is need to return to previous version of plugin or theme, when with new update something breaks. Latest version of WooCommerce plugin 3.0.0 is best example.

Hundreds of people left 1 stars reviews to WooCommerce plugin, cause update made their shop somehow nonfunctional. In that case best way, before next updates will fix bugs, is to switch back to old version that worked well. But how to download old version of WordPress plugin?

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Today themes often have loads of options to suit many different needs. However users often don’t know to what they could use them. We want to help you there and give you an idea. While working on theme, we have prepared many FatMoon demos of how you can setup your front page, and to what you can use build in theme tools. Now, thanks to our demo data importer, you can get them just with one click. Lets see how we can help and speed up creation of your site.

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