How to make website with WordPress ?

One main issue we have as theme authors, is that we have to aim our products(WordPress themes) to people who already know what is server, hosting, where to register domain and how to use WordPress.

This, from the start, is cutting large number of potential user of our themes. We simply see no way to easily introduce people to these topics.

It seems you have to have some web experience to use WordPress themes. One way around this is to prepare tutorials, which you can find plenty on the web. However there is one man that solved this issue differently, and we will talk about his idea.

I want to make website with WordPress – where to start?

Robert Mening created his great website where he aims to help all the people that we couldn’t reach. On his site he prepared detailed instructions, that can be used even by people that still think that you have to be a wizard to create even simplest website 😉 will take you on a journey from choosing platform(like WordPress for example), through explaining what domain and host you should use, to even selecting theme for your new site. All that for Free, as Robert initiative comes from his pure need to help as many people as he can.

If you are interested on setting up your own website, then visit site and see how easy it really is!

When you are done, come back to us, to test our powerful Rife theme. If you find free themes not sufficient, then you should definitely give Rife a spin.

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