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As of 10th April 2017 If you are user of one of our older themes:

  • Spaceship
  • Hypershot
  • Beach Please
  • Superior
  • Fame
  • Adamant
  • Blame
  • Chillout

then we want to inform you that these themes are no longer supported, and may not receive any more updates.

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After long development process we decided to release our first theme that is not connected to any marketplace. What is more we decide to at first release it for free!
Enter Rife theme.

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Just recently (21 July 2016) , after long review process, we finally are back to ThemeForest with new Theme. This time we went ALL OUT. Here I would like to introduce you to our FatMoon in less marketing way, and more from developer standpoint 🙂 Developers like to put your attention to various details, that are usually not mentioned in enough details by marketing materials.

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