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For many bloggers, sentences starting with “add these lines of code into the .htaccess file” are more frightening than the most-awarded horror movies. The admin-friendly themes and plugins in…

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Creating a WordPress website from scratch isn’t as easy as it seems.

If your goal is to simply have a decent-looking and functional website up and running, then sure — you can probably get it done with WordPress in a day. But if you’re contemplating bigger goals, like selling online products, building a digital portfolio, or generating thousands of subscribers, you’ll need a lot more than a generic theme and a few hours of customization.

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web design trends 2018

Every enthusiastic web designer is keen to stay in touch with the latest web design trends to keep their creations looking fresh and modern. And, with the year 2018 approaching, it’s the best time to think about what’s “in” in the world of web design. Keep reading and discover some of the web design trends we can all expect to rise in popularity in 2018.

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