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✍️ Article updated – 21st December 2018

Although there were various plans to release WordPress 5.0 for whole last year, the first official release date was 19th November 2018. Thankfully it was already pushed to 27th November 2018, and many across WP community hope it will be pushed to secondary planned date in January 2019. Update: release date is set to 6th December 2018

Whenever release will happen don’t rush to update, if you really care about your site being fully available.

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Often when you are working on your page you need to disable for visitors it for some time. However you also want your users to see some information what…

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As of 10th April 2017 If you are user of one of our older themes:

  • Spaceship
  • Hypershot
  • Beach Please
  • Superior
  • Fame
  • Adamant
  • Blame
  • Chillout

then we want to inform you that these themes are no longer supported, and may not receive any more updates.

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Often there is need to return to previous version of plugin or theme, when with new update something breaks. Latest version of WooCommerce plugin 3.0.0 is best example.

Hundreds of people left 1 stars reviews to WooCommerce plugin, cause update made their shop somehow nonfunctional. In that case best way, before next updates will fix bugs, is to switch back to old version that worked well. But how to download old version of WordPress plugin?

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