Trial mode FAQ – How to handle issues in trial mode

We have created trial mode for (some of) our themes, so you, as our potential client, could test what you are about to buy. However we know that issues happen as well in trial mode as in paid version. When you are in trial mode you don’t have full access to our support forum, but we still would like to help you. So here are few issues you can face and answers how to act:

I can not activate trial

If you see message that says “Problem with activating your trial copy, please try again later. If you still get this message please contact Apollo13 team” then there is nothing we can advise, as something strange has happened. Only thing  we can do is try to debug it on your installation. If you are interested then please send temporary access to your WordPress and FTP, so we could check there what is going on. Send it via private message on our ThemeForest profile.

By sending temporary access to WordPress we mean:

  • create new ADMIN account with fake e-mail
  • set some password to this account
  • send us created login and password and link to your site

By sending temporary access to FTP we mean:

  • create new FTP account that you can later delete
  • send us:
    • host name
    • login
    • password


My e-mail/URL was already used for activation

If you get message that your e-mail/URL address was already used to activating trial, and you are sure you have not used whole trial then send us message on our ThemeForest profile. It usually happens when you reinstall WordPress after activating trial first time.

Can not import demo data

Import process is pretty complicated and  multilevel task. Failed import – this happens unfortunately, and it usually mean that your server doesn’t have enough resources in some area. Sometimes it means that something else is set in a way that it blocks import process. Generally you will need to check your server settings like explained here in documentation.

Something does not work as it should

Well, this exactly what we do in our support forum – we help solve issues that some of our clients encounter due to server issue, plugins problems, theme bugs or other not clear situations.

About questions till you are in trial mode – issues happen to both groups : our customers, and to those who only try our theme.  You must answer yourself if what you see, in general, suits you, and then if you decide to be our customer, we can help you solve any issues that you encounter :-) Till that time we can only answer you questions about theme possibilities, best in comments for theme that you choose. Hope you understand.

I have general question about theme possibilities

Please visit comment section for chosen theme.

Other place when I can get help with issues I have encounter

Our support forum – you can’t ask questions there before you become our customer, but you can view forum so you can find related answers to your issue. Also worth checking is our documentation.

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