Terms of Service for Theme Demos

These are terms of Apollo13 Themes Demos sites


  1. Apollo13Themes Demos sites can be found under https://rifetheme.com domain with an additional suffix for certain demo. For example https://rifetheme.com/unicorn/
  2. These demos are created only for presentation purpose and should be used as such.
  3. Any contact form send, a comment left or other interaction on Apollo13Themes Demos will not be treated as valid. We delete such data & interaction as soon as we receive it or find out about it(in case of interaction that doesn’t provide any sort of notification).
  4. We don’t collect or store any information about you while you visit Apollo13Themes Demos.
  5. Some plugins or even WordPress may store Cookies in your browser for their functional reason. Some demos may use these plugins. Plugins that we know about doing this(we will keep this list updated), that are used on some of Apllo13Themes Demos:
    • IRecommend this used for voting for liked images/posts
    • AddToAny used for sharing images/posts on social media
    • WooCommerce for an e-commerce shop

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Contact email: info@apollo13themes.com

Latest update: February 21, 2024

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