'Full Service'

‘Rife Full Service’ Terms of Service.

1. General

By purchasing a paid subscription of ‘Full Service’ user acquires a set of services provided by our team. No physical goods are included.

2. The server

Server is provided by 20i. The final technical specification is determined by 20i and Apollo13Themes is not responsible for any changes.

Apollo13Themes provides always the maximum available configuration of a reseller hosting packages for WordPress.

It consists of:

  • Unlimited: Webspace, Bandwidth, Subdomains, Additional Domains, FTP accounts, Email Accounts (10GB each), Email Forwarders, Email Autoresponders
  • PHP: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
  • WordPress tools: Core Checksum Report, Staging website
  • CDN: refer to this
  • Other tools: backup/restore tool (30 days retency), file manager, phpMySQL, WebMailer, DMARC Wizzard, DNS, DNSSEC, Domain Privacy, Malware Scan, Malware Report, Free SSL, and many, many more.
Our basic servers are sufficient for hobby website, small business website, small e-commerce website and similar.

In case you need more power – a dedicated VPS is an option – please contact our agent, we can provide WordPress tailored servers based on Google Cloud, DigitalOcean , Vultr and AWS.

To present what you can expect in terms of performance – please take a look at this website: https://imrstudio.eu/ – it is Rife Pro running on our servers., many 

3. The Domain

If you wish we can find, purchase and maintain the domain for you. Just to take one more small thing off your head to care about.

4. Technical Maintenance

Technical Maintenance is a service provided by Apollo13Themes that main goal is to keep the client’s website in good condition. 

We use our knowledge and experience to:

  • Make sure that both WordPress core and plugins are updated after testing the updates on staging environment.
  • Prevent exploiting any vulnerabilities in WordPress core or plugins
  • Scan for malware 
  • Detect suspicious activities
  • Handling the Server
Technical Maintenance has one important aspect – in order to provide best possible service we and only we have control over the servers and website administration. Only then we can guarantee that our standards will be in place.
We can make an exception to that rule, but there must be a good reason for that and client must acknowledge the consequences of this arrangement.

5. Premium Plugins

We include Elementor Pro and Crocoblock plugins.

We provide the license for these premium plugins.

The license in not transferred to the client, which means – in case of ending subscription we remove all the licences of any premium component and the client will have to acquire new license code.

6. Initial Installation

Every single website is different, but we can estimate that 5 hours is sufficient amount of time to customize the website according to client’s requirements.

So we give you here:

  • A WordPress installation with Rife Pro theme
  • A demo of your choice imported
  • 5 hours of work of our Agent to apply modifications to the imported demo
Client is obligated to provide all the content/images/requirements via e-mail or on Video-Call. The time spent on video calls will be deducted from 5 hours quota.
We do not guarantee any certain ETA (estimated time of arrival) as it depends on both sides’ pace. We can deliver it within one day, but is also can take more than a week. 

This is only for Yearly Plan.

7. Agent assistance

A real person, not AI, that will receive your requests and handle them.

Whenever you need a modification to your website – we are happy to provide our services.

This is something beyond a typical support that is included in Rife Pro subscription.

8. Extra customisation

Whenever you want to enhance your website you just send us a request, we estimate the work that needs to be done, and when you accept our estimation (expressed in hours of our time) you can purchase this amount of Rife Brick from our website. Then we perform a job for you.

Rife Brick – this is a one man-hour of our team; consultant, developer, agent.

It usually takes one Rife Brick to run the consulting stage and provide you an estimation.

Just contact us, let’s talk.

9. FAQ

  • After purchasing this plan you will receive the email message with License Code for Rife Pro theme.
  • We will also send you separate email with instructions on what you need to prepare for our agent
  • Our agent will contact you and schedule the meeting to discuss all the details.

Just send the message to our agent and we will guide you through the process. We will provide you a backed-up website with all the licenses being removed. 

You will be able to reproduce this website on any web hosting, but the License for Rife Pro, Elementor Pro and Crocoblock package will be removed so you will have to handle this on your own.

Yes, of course. Any changes to the subscription needs to be requested directly by contacting us.

We can provide a dedicated developer that will discuss your request with you, estimate the costs and perform what’s needed to make you happy! Just send us a message.