What is photo proofing and how it can help your clients?

Do you have website that you use to show up your creative work, your sharp photos, to show how skilled you are as photographer, so you can get new clients that dream to work with you? Why not to use same site to work with those clients, and show them that you are PRO to the core ?

Photo proofing, or client area, is feature that enable your clients to select images they want/like right from your site. In some implementations they can also comments on photos, to tell you what they like or dislike about particular item. Thanks to that they can do it without any extra hassle required from you, and you have everything in one place, nicely organized and presented, so your work at least in this area can be seamless.

Thanks to this your customers have easy interface that they use to communicate you what they want. It is much better solution then doing that just by e-mail 🙂

Typical process looks like this:

  1. You create album with photos for your client to choose from.
  2. You protect this album with password, that you share with your client.
  3. Your client select and comment on photos.
  4. After client is done he inform you about it.

The more things are automated the better for you!

In Rife WordPress theme we have enhanced photo proofing process even further:

  • you can work not only with photos but videos also
  • client can comment on each photo and video
  • you and client have access to filter, that can show selected, not selected and commented items
  • client have option to mark album as “finished”, that will send e-mail to you automatically and give notice about it in admin area
  • whenever client will make some new selection, after he finished album already, he will get option to mark album as finished again, and you will get notice about it

You can read more about how it works in Rife theme documentation and see photo proofing in action on our demo.

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