Road Map

Rife WordPress Theme is under constant development and will only get better with time.

Rife WP Theme is Long-term solution!

We have far plans for it to make it more powerful and we want you to know about those plans.

If you have your own idea how Rife should evolve, use Feature request form and tell us about it! We love to hear from our users 🙂

What is coming in near future for Rife

For second half of 2018 we want to polish what already have. So we will work on optimization and fixing some long lasting things that need improvement. Meanwhile we will add some features of course & create new Designs.

  • Front-end optimization – we have to work some on loading of front-end. Currently there are too many blocking assets. It is not bad, but can be much better.

    status – in progress

  • Accessibility improvements – Accessibility is trending topic, and one that need constant attention. We will need to rewrite some elements of our theme to be easier to work with for users with disadvantages. After all you want your site to be accessible to anyone 🙂

    status – in queue

  • RTL support – time to do it finally. Sorry it is taking so long!

    status – in queue

Recently done

  • Improvements in customizer – we were one of first teams to introduce customizer to complex themes, but now we are lacking behind a bit. Customizer possibilities increased greatly in last 2 years, and it is time to take advantage of it. More live editing, selecting elements in preview to open corresponding options, and better speed. We also want to remove dependency on Redux framework plugin as it is blocking us in huge way currently.

    statusFinished. Released with Rife 1.7.0

  • Shortcodes for various elements – time to convert some elements of theme, like post/album/works grid or album slider into shortcodes. Thanks to that theme will be independent of page builder that you would like to use with Rife. It will also improve greatly flexibility of theme, and options to build more spectacular content.

    status – Finished. Released with Rife 1.6.0

  • Theme Documentation rewrite – there are some good parts in our documentation, but we also lack a lot there. We want to describe more work flows, and videos and describe more situations that need explanation.

    status – Finished. Can be viewed under new address

Propose Rife Feature

If you have idea what you would like to see in Rife, then please let us know. No matter if it is option to change font size, or support for some plugin – we want to know what you need.

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