Our new FatMoon – Creative & Photography Multi-Purpose Theme

Just recently (21 July 2016) , after long review process, we finally are back to ThemeForest with new FatMoon Theme. This time we went ALL OUT. Here I would like to introduce you to our FatMoon in less marketing way, and more from developer standpoint 🙂 as developers like to put your attention to various details that are usually not mentioned in enough details in marketing materials.


Lots of demos

We have created new demo data importer with chooser in which you can select which demo you would like to recreate on your site. And there is a lot to choose from! All categorized and tagged, so you should be able to easily find demo you are interested in. We plan to add next demos as time goes, so hopefully you can setup your or your client site even faster.

To use our demo data importer you just have to enter your purchase code from Envato and you are ready to go.


Header variants & Layouts

Header is most complicated element in today WordPress themes. It can have even more elements then whole layout, so it is always a challenge to code header that will work for many different users. However in FatMoon we have added many different variants of header. Do you need vertical one placed on right side? We got you covered! Horizontal with logo placed central? Yup, we got that one. Or maybe you want to just put your logo and hide menu under button? Sure you can do it with FatMoon.

Just go and preview our demos to see how many different results you can get from theme settings. Changing colors, activating/deactivating various elements, adding messages – lots of things to personalize your header.

Same for page layouts – we have here few options for you – boxed, bordered, full width. You can also choose sub layout for pages, posts or works that you create to achieve many different results. Additionally you can adjust many different things per each page. Combined with use of Visual Composer it should give you very elastic environment.


Well organized options menus


We have put lot of effort to organize all those options that are available in theme. All with use of WordPress Customizer and Redux Framework. Same we did for options that are available while editing pages, posts, albums or works. Also little features like remembering tab of options when you are in process of preparing your post layout, should come in handy.


Media manager for Albums and Works



As Albums and Works are usually connected to heavy work with images and (movies sometimes), we have decided to make it as easy as possible. We have seen other themes horrible ways to create simple gallery, so we decided to bet on simple things that WordPress has already covered. We still have some enhancements to add, but it is pretty nice already.


Live Ajax Search



Well it is not some big feature, I just wanted to tell you about it, cause I spend some time on it and it is nice;-) So it is integration of plugin SearchWP Live Ajax Search with some custom styles and JavaScript actions. You can for example move on search results with your cursor keys and just press enter to open selected. Simple and useful.


WPML Support


Although we wait for WPML compatibility certificate, FatMoon is WPML compatible. We have prepared language switcher to be placed in top-bar of horizontal header(if you use it) or in other cases to be just part of main menu.


Documentation & Support

As usual for our theme, we have prepared detailed documentation that should help you answer many questions that you can encounter during work on your page. If something is not covered there then always feel free to visit us on our support forum. Lately we have shortened time of response even more(we often answer event questions at weekend), as there are 3 of us to help you now 🙂


Propose your features

If you would like to use FatMoon theme often on your clients sites, then we would love to work close with you, so we could provide features that you need. If you are such person then please contact us via our contact form on Envato.


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