How many ways can you use your FatMoon Theme?

Today themes often have loads of options to suit many different needs. However users often don’t know to what they could use them. We want to help you there and give you an idea. While working on FatMoon theme, we have prepared many demos of how you can setup your front page, and to what you can use build in theme tools. Now, thanks to our demo data importer, you can get them just with one click. Lets see how we can help and speed up creation of your site.


Show your Business or personal skills

When you have digital agency, you are freelancer or have any other type of business that focus on effects, then you should find something interesting for you here. You can use portfolio and news elements to show up what you are into lately. Progress bars and counters to write your personal stats 😉

Maybe you have this one product that you want to show of in details? We got you covered here with Madison demo.

This type of projects focus on visual presentation with big images, short but very focused content and short list presenting and inviting to your portfolio.

Demos for Business

  1. Odessa –
  2. Phoenix –
  3. Houston –
  4. Rotterdam –
  5. Carson –
  6. Paris –
  7. Madison –
  8. Cleveland –
  9. Charlotte –
  10. Aurora –

Demo for Personal

  1. Montreal –
  2. Hope –
  3. Hudson –
  4. California –
  5. Bethany –
  6. Kensington –




It is not first time we get prized for our themes features from people that work with photos. We have slider, bricks, masonry layout. You can have equal height images, and easily manage your images in albums. Soon we will also add possibility to filter for single album, so you could organized your photos even better, and photo proofing for better work with your clients.

This type of demos focus on showing up your photos and videos in cleanest possible way. Just check this Florence 2 demo and see with your own eyes!

Demos for Photography



zariaBallet, Hip hop, rumba or any other curse that you want to make site for. Show your teachers, where to find you and when you are open. Don’t forget to add some news, to keep your viewers updated. Everything focused on crucial information while keeping it clean. Just import, edit demo content and you are ready to go online.

Demo for Ballet

  1. Zaria –


Create online shop

nevadaThis examples are focused on showing up one or few products, while linking to whole shop later. Just check below demos.

We used Revolution Slider, to get focus on  products when user land on page. It gives fancy results like in Nevada demo. For simpler design but still very interesting see Troy demo where you have two lists of products broken by full width presentation of single item.

Demo for Shop

  1. Nevada –
  2. Troy –
  3. Sierra –
  4. Savannah –


One Pagers and Wedding

veronaOne pagers are good way to put all information on single page, and viewer can get to everything only by scrolling your web page. This type is good for preparing wedding pages, that you can latter send to your guests, to show them who, when, why(?) and where will get married.

Demo for One page

  1. Rhodes –
  2. Verona –

Demo for Wedding

  1. Victoria –
  2. Verona –


Are you done?

memphisWell, NOT! We got music, Maintenance, Restaurant demos and are working on new ones. Probably you have even better ideas now how you could use various elements to create page that you need. Whatever it is, we hope that you will find FatMoon theme helpful in your task and demo importer will speed up your creation.

Other demos

  1. Memphis –
  2. Sweet –
  3. Dakota –
  4. Denver –
  5. Devon –
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